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Ooty Colleges

Ooty Colleges (In & around)

1. Government Arts College, Ooty - 2443981

2. Emerald Height College for Women, Ooty - 2442822

3. Providence College for Women, Coonoor - 2220604

4. J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Ooty - 2443393

5. J.S.S. Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Science - 2444128

1. CSI College of Engineering, Ketty - 257474

1. Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management - 2443601-06

2. Monarch International College of Hotel Management - 2442694

3. Riga College of Hotel Management, Coonoor - 231512

1. Govt. Polytechnic, Ooty - 2443407

2. District Institute of Education and Training, Kotagiri - 2271860

3. Bethlehem Teacher Training Institute, Ooty - 2446050

4. Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Coonoor - 2231759

5. St.Joseph's Industrial School, Ooty - 2442306

Ooty Schools

Ooty Schools

There are plenty of good schools are in Ooty. Im sharing few of them below.

Good Shepherd Public School
Fernhill P.O., Ootacamund, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu - 643 004
Phone 0423-2444151, 152,153,154... (10 lines)
Fax 0423-2442920

St. Joseph's Boy's Higher Sec.
Phone 04264-220493

The Lawrence School
Lovedale, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu - 643 003
Phone 0423-2442552 / 2443927
Fax 0423 2442549

Rex Higher Secondary School
The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu - 643 003
Phone 0423-2442064

Woodside School
Phone 0423-2441703

Nazareth Convent for girls, Ooty
Phone 0423-2442391

Woodside School, Ooty
Phone 0423-2441703

JSS Public School, Ooty
Phone 0423-2445041

St.Joseph's Convent for Girls, Coonoor
Phone 04264-2230287

St.Jude's Public School, Kotagiri
Phone 04266-271839

Pandiaraj Memorial School, Kotagiri
Phone 04266-271447

Kotagiri Public School, Kotagiri
Phone 04266-271765

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ooty Train

Ooty Train. Nilgiris - Mountain Railway

Ooty Train called as "Toy Train" with blue & cream colour with steam engine is very familiar in tourist people. The ‘Nilgiris toy train’ connect Ooty to mettupalayam, at the foot of the Nilgiris. It was in 1854 that the first plans were drawn to build a mountain railway from mettupalayam to the Ooty. This railway is widely regarded as a marvel of engineering. The train itself is a charming blue and cream colours with wooden coaches and has large windows. It is hauled up hills by stream engines, designed and built by the Swiss Locomotive Works. Twelve of such locomotive engines survive even today.

The train travels near 46 km to Ooty approaximately in five hours. There are five stations between Mettupalayam and Coonoor - Kallar, Adderley, Hill Grove, Runnymede and Kateri – and, at one time, there were five between Coonoor and Ooty too. Through Wellington, Aruvankadul, Ketti, and Lovedale are still functional, Fren Hill, the last one, was closed down a few years ago.

The train, for obvious safety reasons, averages around 10 km/hour and it is the slowest in India.
Built in the late 19th century, the track rises at a gradient of 1 in 12 and has 208 curves and 13 tunnels.
The train departure from Mettupalayam (Foot of Nilgiris hills) at 7.45 am and reaches Ooty at noon.
You must enjoy this journey. Awesome views of great blue mountain hills. You will love it.

What You can do in OOTY?

What are all you can DO in OOTY?

You can enjoy the cool weather.

Travel in the Nilgiris Railway. A blue colour train with wooden coaches with stream engine and cream with wooden coaches, large windows and Aweseome journey.

Go for long walks in the chilled weather.

Visit country side and feel the real ooty weather, culture.

Dont forget to visit golf at the Gymkhana Golf course. (Only members are allowed).

Visit the Testates and Factories. There are plenty of Tea estates around the Ooty Rural & urban areas.

Visit the Mudumalai forest sanctuary. (It takes around 2 hours from Ooty)

Visit Defense Services Staff College.

Visit 6th mile and also the 9th mile (Movie shooting spots. Very calm & green area. Very peaceful area.

You can get form Fresh Carrot on the way.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to Get In

By plane

The Coimbatore
airport is the closest to the Ooty. It takes 3.1/2 hours by road to reach Ooty. There are flights into Coimbatore from Singapore, Sharjah, Colombo and most parts of India including Mumbai (Air Deccan, Indian Airlines,Jet and Go Air), Chennai ( Air Deccan, Paramount, Indian Airlines and Jet) and Bangalore.

By Train (Awesome Journey. Don't Miss)

The Queen of Hills is connected to the Chennai City (Capital of Tamilnadu)
by a train at night hours. The train called as Nilgiri Express which leaves from Chennai at night, and reaches Mettupalayam a small town at the foothills of the Nilgiris early the next morning around 6.30am. The trainThe Nilgiri Mountain Railway (called as a Toy Train) leaves Mettupalayam at 7.10am The train is very smaller one and can only accommodate few passengers. A through ticket from Chennai to Ooty will ensure a place in the smaller train, although many prefer the faster route of taking a cab or a bus from Mettupalayam.

The steam train takes a very scenic route, and the pace of travel will let you take in the beautiful scenery at leisure with stops at stations for the engine to take on water (the journey takes about 5.1/2 hours compared to 2 hours by road). The train often travels only at 5 - 10 Kmph, allowing some adventerous passengers to disembark from the train and walk along the train.

Mettupalayam can prove to be a bottle-neck during the peak season of April-June with cabs charging exorbitant rates. The train is often quite regular in this part of the country, and is by far the most comfortable way to get here.
There are other trains from Chennai to Coimatore also

By car

The Nilgiris are in Tamilnadu state (South india)
but it is not far to the borders of neighboring karnataka and Kerala. The hills consequently can be reached from within Tamil Nadu by travelling up a heavily forested winding road, with many sharp hair-pin beds. The road trip from any state is quite scenic, although the Coimbatore-Ooty road is the most & frequentlytravelled and well maintained.

There are buses and shared taxi vans are available from most parts of South India to Ooty. Ooty is 284 km from Bangalore by road. The journey takes about 8 hours. One can take a shorter route for which a diversion has to be taken at Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. There are eating places between Bangalore and Mysore, and within Mysore, but from Mysore to Ooty one should carry some food, as there are very few restaurants.


Ooty Hotel Information

Hotels, Address, Phone Number

Hotel Savoy,
For Reservation E-mail -
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Holiday Inn Gempark
For Reservation E-mail -
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Hotel Sinclairs,Ooty
For Reservation E-mail -
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Sullivan Court,
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Monarch Resort ,Ooty
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Hotel Lake View,
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Hotel Nahar Nilgiris
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The Willow Hill,
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Hotel Dasaprakash
Ettines Rd
Phone : 0423 2442434
Hotel Khems
Shoreham Palace Rd
Phone : 0423 2444188
Nilgiri Woodlands Hotel
Phone : 0423 2442551
Fax 0423 2442530
TTDC Hotel Tamil Nadu
Charing Cross
Phone : 0423 2444370
Fax 0423 2444369
Lake View
Lake Rd
Phone : 0423 2443904
Fax 0423 2443579
Hotel Nahar
Charing Cross
Phone : 0423 2445173

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Travel 28 kms from Ooty main town. Avalanche is surrounded by the Emerald Lake and forest. It is towards to Upper-Bhavani from Ooty. The awesome scenery at every turn is an experience of wonder and delight. The views from the top of the hill at Avalanche give a nice sight of the Valley and reservoir. In many places here, the shoals are so thick that even sunlight cannot penetrate. Avalanche is home to a wide variety of birds in great abundance. This place is good for bird lovers.